I weave silence into my lips                     I close my ears to distractions                                     I weave silence into my mind                  I close my eyes to attractions                                      I weave silence into my heart                 I close my heart to temptations                                    Celtic Prayer                                                                                      

Introduction to Meditation, 4 sessions when a group of four would like to do this course:

What’s it all about and why meditate
Attachment / “Who am I?” / living with awareness / what is “truth”
Self / non-Self / interconnection
Types of meditation / compassion

Fee £20 for the 4 sessions

Monthly Meditation at Room “Ash”, Gloucester House, Melton Mowbray every 2nd Monday of the month from 7-8pm. A friendly group who come together with meditations from various traditions.

Meditation is the art of listening to the universe.



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